Festo 1254043 Parallel Gripper

1254043 Parallel gripper DHPS-16-A
Manufacturer: Festo
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Stroke per gripper jaw5 mm
Max. replacement accuracy<= 0,2 mm
Max. angular gripper jaw backlash ax,ay< 0,5 deg
Max. gripper jaw backlash Sz< 0,02 mm
Rotationally symmetrical<= 0,2 mm
Repetition accuracy, gripper< 0,02 mm
Number of gripper fingers2
Assembly positionAny
Mode of operationdouble-acting
Gripper functionParallel
Design structureLever
guided motion sequence
GuidePlain-bearing guide
Position detectionFor proximity sensor
Total force at 6 bar, opening210 N
Total force at 6 bar, closing190 N
Operating pressure2 - 8 bar
Max. operating frequency of gripper3 Hz
Min. opening time at 6 bar33 ms
Min. closing time at 6 bar41 ms
Operating mediumCompressed air in accordance with ISO8573-1:2010 [7:4:4]
Note on operating and pilot mediumLubricated operation possible (subsequently required for further operation)
Corrosion resistance classification CRC1
Ambient temperature5 - 60 °C
Gripping force per gripper jaw at 6 bar, opening105 N
Gripping force per gripper jaw at 6 bar, closing96 N
Mass moment of inertia0,465 kgcm2
Max. force on gripper jaw Fz static150 N
Max. torque at gripper Mx static8 Nm
Max. torque at gripper My static8 Nm
Max. torque at gripper Mz static8 Nm
Lubrication interval for guide components10 Mio SP
Max. ground per external gripper finger150 g
Product weight184 g
Mounting typeOptional
Internal thread and centring sleeve
With through-hole and centring sleeve
Pneumatic connectionM3
Materials noteConforms to RoHS
Materials information for cover capPA
Materials information, housingWrought Aluminium alloy
Hard anodised
Materials information for gripper jawsHigh alloy steel, non-corrosive