Festo 1378427, Suction Cup

1378427 Suction cup complete VASB-75-1/4-SI-B
SKU: VASB-75-1/4-SI-B
Manufacturer: Festo
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Suction cup height compensator15,5 mm
Nominal size4 mm
suction cup diameter75 mm
suction cup volume65,5 cm3
Position of connectionon top
Assembly positionAny
Suction cup shapeRound, bellows 1.5 conv
Operating pressure-0,95 - 0 bar
Nominal operating pressure-0,7 bar
Operating mediumAtmospheric air based on ISO 8573-1:2010 [7:-:-]
Corrosion resistance classification CRC2
Food safetyto manufacturer's declaration
Ambient temperature-40 - 200 °C
Retention force at nominal operating pressure228 N
Product weight78 g
Mounting typeVia vacuum port
Vacuum connectionG1/4
Shore hardness60 +/- 5
Materials information for screw-in studWrought Aluminium alloy
Materials noteContains PWIS substances
Conforms to RoHS
Materials information for suction cupVMQ (silicon)