Festo 9983, Pneumatic Valve

9983 Pneumatic valve VL/O-3-1/2
SKU: VL/O-3-1/2
Manufacturer: Festo
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Valve function3/2 open/closed, monostable
Type of actuationpneumatic
Standard nominal flow rate3700 l/min
Operating pressure-0,95 - 10 bar
Design structurePoppet seat
Type of resetmechanical spring
Nominal size14 mm
Exhaust-air functionthrottleable
Sealing principlesoft
Assembly positionAny
Type of pilotingdirect
Flow directionreversible with restrictions
Pilot pressure1 - 10 bar
Switching time off30 ms
Switching time on17 ms
Operating mediumCompressed air in accordance with ISO8573-1:2010 [7:4:4]
Note on operating and pilot mediumLubricated operation possible (subsequently required for further operation)
Medium temperature-10 - 60 °C
Ambient temperature-10 - 60 °C
Product weight860 g
Mounting typeOptional
on manifold rail
with through hole
Pilot air connection: 110G1/4
Pilot air port 12G1/4
Pneumatic connection, port 1G1/2
Pneumatic connection, 11G1/2
Pneumatic connection, port 2G1/2
Pneumatic connection, port 3G1/2
Pneumatic connection, 33G1/2
Materials noteConforms to RoHS
Materials information for sealsNBR
Materials information, housingAluminium die cast