Powermatic Associates is the authorized distributor for ILME throughout Northern California, Central Valley California, Austin, San Antonio, and throughout central and south Texas.

Selecting an ILME Kit

Which Kit Do I Need?

We’ll answer that with an example:

Let’s say your application requires a 10-pin connector, it needs to feed from the side and your incoming cable is 10mm (o.d.) You’d also like a single-lever for quick disconnect. Lastly, you want a tool-less spring termination for cost and time savings on installation.

+ CSHM-10 & CSHF-10 (10-Pole Tool-less Spring Inserts)
+ CHI-10L (Single Lever Base)
+ MHO-10.20 (Side Entry Hood with M20 opening [see M20 Cable Gland info below])
= Your Kit: MQLS-10IO20

Cable Glands
As each process or machine design has unique requirements when it comes to cable sizes, we offer cable glands separately. Available in plastic or nickel plated brass, metric cable glands will mate with our standard ILME kits.

M20 — For the above example, you’d be using an M20 cable gland in either metal (MCG-M20) or plastic (PCG-M20). An M20 cable gland will accommodate cables that have an outside diameter (o.d.) of between 5-13 mm (MCG); or 10-14 mm (PCG); see charts below.

Part NumberDiameter Range (Mm)Thread Type
MCG-M20 5 – 13 M20 X 1.5
MCG-M25 8 – 16 M25 X 1.5
MCG-M32 12 – 21 M32 X 1.5
MCG-M40 16 – 27 M40 X 1.5
Part NumberDiameter Range (Mm)Thread Type
PCG-M20 10 – 14 M20 X 1.5
PCG-M25 13 – 18 M25 X 1.5
PCG-M32 18 – 25 M32 X 1.5
PCG-M40 22 – 32 M40 X 1.5