Unidrive M – a Manufacturing Automation drive family that is tailored to customer needs Unidrive M100 AC drive

Unidrive M is designed specifically for Manufacturing Automation applications which is Control Techniques’ traditional area of expertise. Led by the results of extensive customer-driven market research, we have tailored each Unidrive M model to specific application needs identified within Manufacturing Automation, taking customer choice to new heights. Unidrive M is evolving the future of Manufacturing Automation with the latest drive technology which includes over 30 patents pending; a global achievement combining Control Techniques’ worldwide Engineering & Design resource and product testing processes.

Availability of Unidrive M drive product series (M100, M200… M800) will be released throughout 2013 beginning in January.


Unidrive M100 – AC Drive, 0.33hp – 10hp (0.25kW – 7.5kW)

Value drive with quality and performance for open loop applications


Unidrive M200 – AC Drive, 0.33hp – 30hp (0.25kW – 22kW)

Flexible machine integration through communications


Unidrive M300 – AC Drive, 0.33hp – 30hp (0.25kW – 22kW)

Enhance throughput with Machine Safety


Unidrive M400 – AC Drive, 0.33hp – 150hp (0.25kW – 110kW)

Fast set-up and diagnosis with real-text display, plus integrated CODESYS based PLC


Unidrive M600 – AC Drive, 1.0hp – 4200hp (0.75kW – 2.8MW)

High performance drive for induction and sensorless permanent magnet motors


Unidrive M700 – AC Drive 1.0hp – 4200hp (0.75kW – 2.8MW)

Class leading induction and servo permanent magnet motor performance,
with real-time Ethernet


Unidrive M800 – AC Drive, 1.0hp – 4200hp (0.75kW – 2.8MW)

Ultimate performance through advanced onboard machine control

Powermatic Associates is the authorized distributor for Nidec Industrial Automation Control throughout Northern California, Central Valley California, Austin, San Antonio and throughout central and south Texas.
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